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Case Study: Duke Basketball

In order to demonstrate some of the uses of analytics and our application, we will be highlighting some basketball analysis topics, using the 2018-2019 Duke University Blue Devils as our example. We're inviting you to take part in experiencing the beta version of Pivot Analysis, accessible here. Join us as we dive into the advanced stats from the season to learn more about what Pivot Analysis provides and how teams and athletes can utilize data analysis.
Case Study Focus: Duke Men's Basketball

Throughout this series, we will focus on the Duke Blue Devils' team impact numbers as opposed to individual statistics. The primary stats we will explore through are per possession points scored and allowed and playing time totals to account for sample size issues. These topics will include player and team focused analysis, as we will cover issues that relate to how this technology can be used for coaching as well as individual player analysis.

Analytical Topics:

This analytical demonstration will be made available throughout the summer. We encourage feedback and questions regarding the data that we are using as well as the visualizations.


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