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Part 3: Anatomy of Loss - Using Pivot Analysis to Learn from a Loss

In the final installment of our Duke case study, we will go over how a single game can be analyzed and visualized. Similar to the first and second posts, lineups and player combinations, and their respective offensive and defensive ratings, will be the primary lens through which we will perform our analysis, but we will include a brief four factors comparison as well. All of the analysis will be based on our publicly available Duke demo dataset. Of note, the public version of this data only includes the Duke side of every game. Additionally, this review is meant to demonstrate how Pivot's basketball software can be used to enhance one's understand and analysis of a match; it is not a replacement of traditional game and film analysis.

The End of the Road for the Duke Blue Devils

The top-seeded Duke Blue Devils were knocked out of the 2019 NCAA Tournament in the Elite Eight by Tom Izzo's Michigan State Spartans. Duke was a heavy favorite in this matchup and the overall favorite to take home the title. But, in a single elimination tournament, anything can happen. As the run charts below demonstrate, this match was always close and neither team ever held much of an advantage.