Our mission?
To deliver world-class basketball technology at every level of play.
Pivot Analysis is a basketball statistics analysis software provider, focused on serving the entire basketball ecosystem. We were founded with the goal of enabling everyone in the basketball community to be able to leverage technology and data to enhance their abilities, development, knowledge, and appreciation of the sport we love.

The Team

Our founders have the perfect blend of business development, product management, team leadership, data analysis and software engineering. All this is combined with a passion for innovation and life-long love of basketball. The burgeoning sports tech landscape in Europe and Barcelona has welcomed them as they work to build Pivot from the ground up. Read more about them here!

Morgan, a data analytics nut and former US Army Captain, brings several years of technical management experience in the US Intelligence Community to Pivot.

Justin, a bleeding edge technologist and data wrangler, is using his love of the Bucks to power the most advanced and flexible basketball data engine in existence.  

Daniel, when not shooting 3 pointers and dishing on the fast break, worked in public relations and business development in an industrial conglomerate across SE Asia and the United States.

Our Advisors

John Erceg


John is a Barcelona-based entrepreneur, investor, and alum of the IESE MBA program. John advises the founders on areas related to startup management and growth.

Tony Davila


Tony is a world-renowned sports business expert and currently teaches at Harvard Business School and IESE. He brings his wealth of knowledge to bear when tackling market and customer issues in the sports arena.

Edi Soler


Edi advises Pivot on accounting and financial issues. As the former CFO of a startup and current Accounting professor at IESE, Edi has been instrumental in ensuring Pivot’s numbers are always up to par.

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