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For the Fan

Follow your favorite teams like never before
Every lineup, every  player, every game, every future opponent 

Analyze your team

Dig deep on how your team performs in every situation. Understand how a certain player impacts their teammates and monitor how changes in the rotation matter

Know your enemy

Generate matchups with specific opponents and analyze how the teams compare and their relative strengths and weaknesses are.

Beat the field

Whether it's a recent addition to the starting lineup or an injury, stay on top of how any team is impacted by changes in their rotation. 

Monitor lineup performance, player participation and plus/minus in every game.

Track team performance at the single player on-court level with our OnOff Metrics.

Analyze team performance based on situation(s), opponent(s), location, and player participation. Drill into four factors and shot profiles as well as overall plus minus.


Dive into every player's OnOff data for every team statistic, track shot profiles, and assisted rates by shot location and more

Get a sneak peek of Pivot's capability

Pick two teams and analyze how they matchup using >15 different metrics. Matchup Machine uses season long data and automatically adjusts for strength of opponent in each metric.


Don't just work harder, work smarter.
See what Pivot Analysis can do for you.

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