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Game Review

The Game Review allows teams to see the flow of the game. When were points won and lost. Understand the matchups between lineups.

Visualize the flow of a game

Individual player stats are easy to come by but they never tell the whole story.


Pivot Analysis provides a more wholistic team perspective to help monitor which athlete was on the floor when and how the team performed together. You can track each lineup as well as Points, EFG, ORR, TOV, and FTR throughout the game.


Player Plus Minus and Playing Time

Compare offensive impact and defensive impact of each player lineup to know when to play each athlete using our out-of-the-box lineup statistics reports including:

  • Total points scored

  • Total points allowed

  • Points per possession

  • Total time played

Ready to try it out?

Analyze lineups from every angle

We track the data from the perspective of every player, lineup, and team. This data enables our users to easily review their opponent's games and strategies. You can easily drill into any section of a game and see how each lineup performed on offense and defense.


Want to see Pivot Analysis in action?

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