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Coaching with Analytics - Rotation Management

During 2020 and 2021, Pivot Analysis worked to add new functionality and stats to our basketball coaching toolbox. We have identified some specific scenarios and how our tools can be of use.

Two Player Combinations

Scenario: My team has been struggling when all five starters are not on the floor. How do I improve these rotations and at least minimize the negative impact? Pivot Analysis can help this team identify specifically what happens when all five starters are not on the floor and how to improve their substitution rotations.

Pivot’s team tools enable coaches to view performance data by lineup, by custom player OnOff participation, by two player combinations, or by single player OnOff. Additionally, because we ensure that the coach has the ability to not only view offensive and defensive rating in each of these visualizations, but also the specific details of offensive and defensive performance.

Single Player OnOff Metrics

For example, we could identify that the problem is primarily driven by the inclusion of the backup SF in the lineup. When that player plays, the team’s rebounding falls off a cliff. The other rotations are not as problematic, but the backup SF is the 1st player off the bench and so all the follow lineups are affected. One way to mitigate this would be to test this player’s combinations with each of the other starters as well as some of the other backups and identify those that maintain solid rebounding averages. This way the negative impacts can be mitigated and presumably the value this player provides can be maintained.

Season-long shift and lineup analysis

Reviewing lineups and player combinations at the plus minus level or even at the offensive and defensive points per possession level can provide data that is not indicative of future performance. For example, in this scenario, if the data is based a on 2-3 game sample size. It is very plausible that the opposing teams had a bit of shooting luck and the data would be skewed. It is important that the data be reviewed at the Four Factors (shooting efficiency, turnovers, free throw attempts, rebounding) level at least if not further. Tools Used - Lineup Analysis, OnOff Metrics, Two Player Combinations


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