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Pivot Analysis: NCAA Coaching Tools

No-hassle coaching reports - Your year-round stats resource

Save time and money and let Pivot Analysis manage all your analytics needs!

Coach's Reports (**NEW**)

Scout, monitor, and develop you team using our team scouting reports.

Available for all teams

Lineup Optimization Tools

Be the best version of yourselves by optimizing your lineup rotations! 

Available for all teams

Transfer Scouting Service

Find the best players with the best fit for you in the Transfer Portal!

Available for all CBB teams

Get access today

Purpose-Built Coaching Reports 


Pivot Analysis is excited to announce our new and improved coaching resources. Starting in the 2022/2023 season all teams will be able to take advantage of our revolutionary data.

Our coaches will have access to:

  • Weekly updates

  • Team, Conference, and Post-game reports

  • Open Office Hours

  • and the Pivot Analysis team analysis application

Check out an example!

Maximizing your rotations

  • Every lineup analyzed from every game

  • One + Two Player On Court Combinations

  • Flexible team analysis tools for digging deeper


All advanced stats at your fingertips.

Advanced Stats
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Maximizing your team and players

​Scout and develop your team and players using:

  • Advanced player stats

  • On Court Metrics

  • Lineup Data

  • Shot Profiles

  • Trends over time

  • and much more!

Screenshot 2022-11-17 205243.jpg

The Primary Metrics

Offensive and Defensive Ratings / Net Rating

Four Factors (Offense and Defense)

Shooting Efficiency (EFG%)

Drawing Fouls (FTR)

Protecting the Ball (TOV%)

Crashing the Boards (ORR)

Shot Profile (Offense and Defense)

At the rim attempt rate

At the rim attempt shooting percentage

Mid range attempt rate

Mid range attempt shooting percentage

Three point attempt rate

Three point attempt shooting percentage

  • No installation/download fees; no additional hardware or wearable devices

  • Phone/Tablet/Computer support through any web browser

  • All data is sourced from public stats websites; all stats based on industry standards

  • Instant plug and play for all your data using our custom visualizations.

Save Time and Money

Sign up now and put data to work for you.

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