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Advanced Team & Player Statistics

Access individual athlete, team and opponent performance statistics in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Understand the big picture

By looking at advanced stats of the team and opponent for each game, lineup, and player, you can ascertain why a team is winning our losing, why a lineup is winning or losing, and which players are most crucial.


Four Factors and Efficiency Metrics

Track team and opponent Four Factors, Efficiency, as well as other advanced stats.

  • Four Factors: TOV%/EFG%/ORR/FTR

  • Shooting Efficiency: 3PAR, TS%, PPS

  • Pace and Scoring: Poss. per game, Pts scored and allowed per poss.


Single Player On/Off Ratings

Single player on-court and off-court metrics are crucial for lineup construction and optimization. Using this data, a user can easily compare players in similar roles and identify the most effective options.


Ready to see Pivot Analysis in action?

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