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Pivot Analysis Reports - Game and Team

With the CBB season underway Pivot Analysis has created reports for teams to help make more informed decisions for their teams after games throughout the season.

Our Game and Team Reports allow teams to look at different statistics to analyze the performance of their lineups and players efficiently to help win more games.

What is in the Game Report?

Let's take a look at a report and breakdown the information

In this game we see the most used lineup of Baylor against Gonzaga and we can see the box score of that lineup. This is useful to see which lineups performed well in the game and see where the runs in the game happened.

Using additional information like the four factors and measuring the pace of each lineup we can see the best performing combinations in the game.

Comparing box scores of your lineups versus the opponents helps show strengths and weaknesses of each combination.

What is in the Team Report?

The team report tracks statistics over the course of a week or longer showing the team's development over time.

Track where all the shots are coming from and where your opponents are taking their shots.

See how players in your lineup affect the team's play On and Off the court.

The Two Player combinations lets you see which pairs play better together than when they play separately. Our synergy score lets you know which combo positively affects the rest of the team.

All these reports are available for any team in DI, DII or DIII and can be made for your team right after games finish.

To get access to these reports for your team just subscribe here.


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