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Making sense of the transfer portal

The transfer portal has created a unique tool for collegiate basketball programs of all levels to bring in new talent to their rosters at each position. While there are some programs that have only used the portal to fill one or two rosters slots, several programs have utilized transfers to build out their roster based on the best combinations, while not sacrificing overall recruitment of high school players as well.

When reviewing the roster building of Arkansas Men’s Basketball, it is clear that the Razorbacks have created rosters each year that bring in high-impact transfers from programs at the high, mid, and low major levels, and have had success in pairing them with freshmen from top-25 recruiting classes. The 2022-23 season has not strayed from this approach.

In researching the best combinations for Arkansas via Pivot Analysis, the best combinations for the Razorbacks include combinations of two transfers, as well as a seasoned transfer paired with a younger player recruited from high school.

When reviewing offensive and defensive metrics, the Razorbacks best combinations feature transfers Kamani Johnson (Rhode Island), Trevon Brazile (Missouri), and Ricky Council IV (Wichita State). Each of these transfers shows high ratings in combinations not only with each other but alongside Anthony Black and Jordan Walsh, two of the top-rated high school players in the country last year.

The importance of strong transfers having an immediate impact on the success of Arkansas is shown in their overall efficiency numbers from Pivot Analysis' Synergy Score and the NET rating as well. Based on the data provided by Pivot Analysis, the top combinations from Synergy and the NET rating once again show high impact from Johnson and Brazile paired with Walsh on the court, as well as a veteran recruited out of high school in Davonte Davis.

By utilizing transfers from successful programs, Arkansas has historically been able to fill out its roster with a veteran presence which has helped guide the program to newfound success such as the elite eight, while continuing to recruit talent from the high school level.


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