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A renewed focus on coaches

In order to better support the coaching community, Pivot Analysis has made some big moves. We are excited to announce that Christien Wright will be joining the Pivot Analysis team. Christien, an accomplished basketball analytics expert, NBA analytics engineer, and collegiate coach, will bring his considerable expertise to the newly created position of Director of Coaching Analytics. This has given Pivot the opportunity to double down on our coaching support resources and we are now offering a range of cutting-edge coaching reports from conference overviews, to self-scouts, to post-game retrospectives and more. Working in collaboration with Christien, Pivot Analysis will now be able to offer detailed scouting reports on every team and conference in all of our supported leagues.

Conference Level Analysis

"We are thrilled to work with Christien going forward", said Morgan Flom. "His skill set and knowledge are a huge asset for the basketball community and will ensure that our coaches win more games".

"I’m very excited to partner with Pivot Analysis. As a former player, coach, and NBA researcher for a championship organization, I have spent time at all levels of the game and successfully bridged gaps between coaching and analytics through effective collaboration and communication. I understand the value of being data-driven and how certain metrics can enhance game preparation and player development.”, said Christien.

“As a former coach, I have first hand knowledge that these resources can be a reliable guide to identifying areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to grow and such perspectives should be blended with what the staff is seeing live or on film. I look forward to working closely with coaching staffs across the various leagues we will support.”

Team Four Factors Trend Analysis

The Pivot Analysis coaching reports were designed specifically to assist coaches to better monitor team and player development and identify analytical strengths and weaknesses. Whether it's an upcoming opponent or a self-scout, our resources can help save time, identify opportunities, and increase visibility into hard to track metrics like on-court defensive metrics or multi-player combinations.

These reports will include team-focused deep-dives, post-game review reports, conference overviews and more. Each report will highlight the metrics that we have identified as being the most relevant to winning games and take advantage of our unparalleled on-court and lineup data.

From tracking two-player combinations and their impact on opponent four factors to rolling ten game trend lines on team three point shooting, these reports have been custom-built to help college coaches access their data, easily identify takeaways, and most importantly, win more games.

Two Player Combination Analysis

Reports will be delivered to coaches after every game. Additionally, all programs who subscribe will have access to our full suite of team analytics tools, enabling a coaching staff to dive as deep as they want into any metric they desire.

You can learn more about our reports here or feel free to email us at!


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