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Basketball Analytics Software At Your Fingertips

The suite of tools provided by Pivot Analysis are focused on supporting and enabling player and team development in basketball. We view the use of technology as a force multiplier. The goal is to eliminate the need to calculate numbers by hand or edit a game manually. Pivot's basketball analytics software automatically does this for you, freeing up time to focus on game-planning and skill development.

Basketball lineup analysis dashboard
Always know who was on the court and how they performed.

We know nothing beats a coach's intuition and experience. Pivot Analysis does not prescribe or draw up crunch time plays. But the tool does help a coach track who participated at the end of every 4th Quarter and understand how they performed over multiple opportunities. We eliminate retrospective guesswork to provide actionable insights. Read more about how we can support coaches here.

Basketball player combo matrix
Track how players impact each other and the team.

In 2019, the parent of an up-and-coming 16 year old should be able to track her On/Off metrics and see which lineups are best with their athlete. Popular basketball stats like PPG or FG% are becoming a thing of the past. Coaches are looking for team-first players, that optimize the performance of the team as a whole and don't just play as an individual. Read more about how we can support players here.

Advanced metrics, Basketball analytics, Lineup statistics
Capture all lineup changes over time and see how they relate to the score.

When a fan wants to better understand what happened at the end of a specific game and who was playing, Pivot Analysis is there. Deep dive into how each team performed throughout the game and where the heavy impacts were made.

There are no silver bullets. But there are better ways of approaching basketball. The paths to success at the NBA level, from the team to the player, are well documented and public. But these are not always accessible. At Pivot, we believe that coaches across the globe should leverage lineup data, that players should track their true shooting, and that parents should be able to share their daughter's highlights. Our multi-faceted approach to this problem has one common theme. How can we make it fast, accessible, and affordable. Applying our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms at every step, Pivot Analysis delivers the basketball stats analysis our users need, how they need it, and when they need it. If you can buy the same shoes a superstar is wearing, you should be able to track your game the same way. After all, basketball is one of the most accessible and digestible games in the world.

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Basketball Software and Analytics
Access your data anytime and anywhere

Technology, if used correctly, is an agent for good in sports. It will never replace the player working on free throws in the driveway, or the coach instilling confidence in their team for one final in-bounds play. The human element is why we love the sport. But technology can create an advantage. The coach should always know specifically how each player affects the team. The player should never wonder about his shooting splits. These are important factors that should not be question marks. The days of the paper box score are over. At all levels of basketball, the future is now.

Ready to see Pivot Analysis in action? Watch a demo today.


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