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Pivot Analysis: Fantasy/Gaming



Pivot Analysis syncs box scores, player, team, and lineup stats automatically into their web-based platform.



Advanced metrics are automatically generated, analyzed and delivered on an easy-to-understand dashboard.


View all your team, lineup, and player data and filter by game, player, season, and many others to study stats and trends.

Forget manual data entry and calculations.


With Pivot Analysis, simply sign in to access all play-by-play, box score, lineup, player, and team stats data throughout the season. With an instant feed from official NCAA data providers keeping your dashboard up to date,  you can spend time on what matters most - developing your players.


 Check out Pivot in action here!

Automate the simple stuff...

Pivot Analysis iphone app.png

So you can focus the big stuff.

Access performance analysis at your fingertips through Pivot’s dashboard. Stats are immediately analyzed and displayed in intuitive visualizations so you can track relevant metrics and make data-based decisions to optimize your players' inputs. Our tools were designed by and for coaches and every feature exists to help you win more games.

  • No installation/download fees; no additional hardware or wearable devices

  • Phone/Tablet/Computer support through any web browser

  • All data is sourced from the public NCAA stats website; all stats based on industry standards

  • Instant plug and play for all your data using our custom visualizations.

Save Time and Money

Advanced Stats

All advanced stats at your fingertips.

What We Offer

  • Track on-court and off-court stats for every combination of players up to the whole 5 player lineup​.

  • Analyze advanced statistics for each player and player combination.​​​

World-class Tools

Offensive and Defensive Ratings / Net Rating

Four Factors (Offense and Defense)

  • Review stats by filters such as a single game, all games against a single opponent, season, or by conference and easily identify how each player contributes to a team's performance.

Shooting Efficiency (EFG%)

Drawing Fouls (FTR)

Protecting the Ball (TOV%)

Crashing the Boards (ORR)

Sign up now and put data to work for you.

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