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Access the most accurate and relevant team, player, and lineup stats through Pivot’s dashboard. All metrics are immediately analyzed and displayed in intuitive visualizations so you can track the metrics that matter to you and make data-based decisions to optimize your players' inputs. Easily view advanced stats game-by-game and over the whole season, on yourself and your opponents. Our tools were designed by and for coaches and every feature exists to help you win more games.

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Talent Scouting

Leverage Pivot to compare and analyze potential prospects, particularly from the NCAA. Using our unique on-court player metrics, identify those players whose impact goes beyond the box score. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can help find players that are the right fit for you.

“Play by play-derived insights are the vanguard of CBB analytics, and no one is pushing into this frontier more aggressively than the folks at Pivot.”

Logan Dahms / NCAA Division 1 Coach

"It's impossible to think about athletes in isolation in basketball, and the tools on Pivot Analysis do the best job of addressing that fact." 

Sabreena Merchant / Sportswriter

Parent of a NCAA Student-Athlete?

Now you can track and promote your daughter or son like never before.

Fantasy and Gaming

Leverage our fully enriched lineup data and player analytics to build the best fantasy team, optimize that daily fantasy lineup, beat your friends in March Madness and much more.

Data Feeds & API Access

Whether you are interested in leveraging our data for player acquisition, predictive modeling, broadcast support, team-based strategies or any of the numerous other analytical use cases, we have you covered. We can offer data delivery services or full API access and ensure you always have the best data at the tips of your fingers.


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