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Pivot Analysis delivers no-hassle world-class basketball analysis solutions to leagues, individuals, and organizations at all levels.


Pivot offers a no-hassle suite of tools for team and player analysis. With no installation or download fees, no wearables required, and automated data updates, you can get up and running in five minutes. 

Put data to work for you.

Analyze Play-by-Play Productivity 

Visually track the flow of every game and quickly identify the lineups that were involved in critical moments, understand the production of those lineups, and view the overall impact of each lineup on both your own team and your opponent's.

Uncover Valuable Lineup Insights

Easily measure and visualize lineup performance over time and drill into detail when needed. Filter the data based on player, starting lineup, specific games, quarters, clutch time, total minutes played, total plus minus, and many more!

“Play by play-derived insights are the vanguard of CBB analytics, and no one is pushing into this frontier more aggressively than the folks at Pivot.”

Logan Dahms / VMI / Assistant Coach

"It's impossible to think about athletes in isolation in basketball, and the tools on Pivot Analysis do the best job of addressing that fact." 

Sabreena Merchant / The Athletic & Sports Illustrated / Sportswriter

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Understand Player Impact on the Team as a Whole

View each player-combo impact metrics in an intuitive matrix. These metrics include how a team performs when in every possible two-player configuration, using statistics such as points scored, points allowed, and net rating. 

Explore Team and Player Advanced Statistics

Based on the box score data, view Four Factors data, offensive efficiency indicators, rebounding metrics, estimated possession counts and offensive and defensive ratings. Additionally, track single player statistics from their OnOff impact stats to PPG.

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