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Why measuring TOV% is more accurate than counting turnovers

Another aspect of Dean Oliver's Four Factors is Turnover Percentage or in short-hand, TOV%. This is a gauge of the percentage of possessions ending in turnovers, so it is a little more nuanced than just counting the total number of TOs.

How to calculate TOV%

TOV% = TeamTOV / (TeamFGA + (0.44 * TeamFTA) + TeamTOV)

While this metric is useful in a single game setting (to uncover why a team took more/less shots), it becomes a more impactful data point when sampling from more games over a season. As the analysis considers more teams with different paces, strength and strategies, the true tendencies of an athlete or team will come through in the stats.

Why you need to track turnover percentage

We can review two teams from the 2018-2019 Eastern Conference playoffs. As of May 9th, 2019, the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks had the following team stat lines.