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Coaching with Analytics - Opponent Scouting

During 2020 and 2021, Pivot Analysis worked to add new functionality and stats to our basketball coaching toolbox. We have identified some specific scenarios and how our tools can be of use.

Matchup Machine

Scenario: I am facing my top rival and I lost to them the last two times by 5 and 7. How do I attempt to bridge this gap with a sound analytical strategy? Pivot Analysis offers a sound method for comparing two teams and projecting the outcome within our Matchup Machine. This method is based on the Four Factors, which are shooting efficiency (EFG), turnovers (TOV), rebounding (ORR), and free throw shooting (FTR). We also have built a editable version of this tool, our Efficiency Calculator. When looking at historical games, using only the Four Factors and Pace, we can generate, with 99% accuracy, the actual final score. Therefore our focus on the Four Factors is extremely accurate as well as providing a method for understanding, with some level of detail, how a win or loss was generated. In this scenario, we can plug in the expected Four Factors of each team as well as the expected pace. This will generate an expected final score as well as how each of the Four Factors will contribute to that final score. We can also identify points gained or lost based on each of the Four Factors.