Put advanced analytics to work for you today. This file contains all team and player analytics for all NCAAM Division 1 teams.

Team metrics are all garbage time adjusted and include opponent adjusted percentile ranks. The data for teams includes:
Offensive and Defensive Ratings & Pace
Offensive and Defensive Four Factors(EFG - ORR - TOV - FTR)
Offensive and Defensive Shot type attempt rates and percentages

Offensive and Defensive Assist Percentages


The player metrics are focused on team performance as well and include:
Offensive and Defensive Luck Adjusted On Court Ratings

Predicted Individual Three Point,Two Point, Free Throw, and EFG Percentages

as well as full standard box score metrics.

2021 NCAAM Tournament (Team & Player Advanced Metrics)

  • This is an excel file with 11 displayed sheets of analytics and 2 data sheets that are hidden but can be displayed. The team metrics include all NCAA Division 1 data while the player metrics are isolated to the teams competing in the tournament.