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The Ten Minute Scouting Report (Basketball)

The goal of the 10 Minute Scouting Report in basketball is to uncover team and player-level strengths and weaknesses to better train, prepare and play. Pivot Analysis's 10 Minute Scouting Report uses lineup analysis and four factors metrics to help coaches, players and viewers understand the how and why behind a team's successes and failures.

Let's see what the report could provide the Oregon Ducks in preparation for their final four matchup against the Baylor Lady Bears.

At the team-level, the goals are to identify offensive and defensive scoring efficiencies, four factors strengths and weaknesses, and shot distribution. With those in mind, we can then monitor expected individual player production and usage rates. Finally, now that we have identified the players that drive impact, we can check which individuals have the greatest impact on the team's production as a whole (positively and negatively) and identify the root causes for those impacts.

Step 1: Analyze overall team strengths and weaknesses

By comparing Four Factors, Pace, and Points Per Possession, Oregon can identify Baylor's strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to out-perform their opponent. From the report comparison below, one can gather the following:

Baylor's strengths over Oregon:

  • Faster pace