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Coming Soon: Pivot Analysis

In the coming months, Pivot Analysis will be formally launching our advanced basketball stats analysis software. Keeping in line with our mission, we have worked to identify and design a tool that can support multiple levels of basketball competition and multiple types of users. Pivot Analysis was founded with the goal of enabling every coach, player, parent, and fan to leverage technology and data to enhance their development, knowledge, and appreciation of basketball. Now that more and more games are being filmed and tracked online, many of the technologies or analytical techniques previously reserved for the EuroLeague and NBA can be used at all levels. The parent of a 12 year old can track her shooting charts and the coach of a 3rd division pro-team can monitor the impact metrics of her two player combinations.

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Our data-focused basketball statistics and analysis platform

Pivot is based in Barcelona and is run by two basketball-obsessed IESE MBAs. But for Daniel and Morgan, the story starts long before they arrived in Spain, as they have loved basketball since before Jordan's first retirement.

Morgan Flom - CEO -

Rural Wisconsin is not exactly a hot-bed of basketball fandom. But the Dream Team affect was not only in Europe, Morgan's first connections to the sport (and Barcelona for that matter) came in rapid succession, Hill to Laettner, Jordan's shrug, and finally the dismantling of anyone who came in their path by the Dream Team in the Summer Olympics of 1992.

From there he was hooked, although his dreams of playing in the NBA quickly were dashed (damn that 5-11 frame and 25 inch vertical), Morgan never lost his passion for the sport. After 7 years of technology work and miserable Wizards games in D.C., Morgan and his wife and kids settled in Barcelona to attend the IESE MBA and pursue a job in basketball.

Morgan Flom, Italy
Getting some much needed R&R with fam in Southern Italy

Daniel Romero-Salas - CCO -

The Philippines is one of the most basketball crazed countries in the world and Daniel grew up in the midst of the Bulls/Jordan mania of the 90's. He was reading/watching/listening to every piece of basketball content he could find, that was when we wasn't shooting around.

Basketball court, Manila
One of many stylized outdoor courts in Manila

After a couple of years working in business development for an industrial company he chose to get his MBA in Barcelona at IESE Business School. Meeting his co-founder there was the beginning of Pivot Analysis.

Daniel, IESE, MBA
Finishing a grueling two years at the IESE Business School

From Manila to the Midwest to the Mediterranean, Pivot's founders understand the basketball loving community and now we are building a product for them. We will be launching our full statistics product in the Summer of 2019. If you play, coach, or watch basketball, we want to hear from you!

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