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Product Update: Predict the next CBB champ with Pivot's Matchup Machine

Pivot Analysis is excited to announce the launch of our Matchup Machine for the upcoming CBB Men's and Women's tournaments. Using our highly enriched and multi-faceted data set, we developed an easy-to-use interactive dashboard that allows users to compare two teams, across several criteria, and retrieve a game prediction based on that data.

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We have made several adjustments to our analytical outputs to ensure that each matchup is generated with the following in mind:

1. All team statistics are adjusted based on their strength of schedule.

2. The Four Factors and Offensive and Defensive Efficiency are the primary metrics for the matchup.

3. Each team's pace is taken into account to project the speed of the game.

4. All stats are generated from non-garbage time minutes, ensuring a more accurate portrayal of each team's stats.

The initial version of the tool will allow users to search and select any team and create a matchup. Later versions will include the ability to select players + playing time and view the resulting outcome as well as player statistics.

In addition to relying on previously vetted methods, such as the inclusion of Pace, Four Factors, and Offensive and Defensive Efficiency, the removal of garbage time, and the adjustments based on strength of schedule, our matchups have been tested in-season and have been as accurate as many popular betting sites and Vegas bookmakers.

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