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Looking at Lineups

Using 5-player lineup data can be useful in understanding chemistry between players in a team. For example, the Auburn Tigers lineup of Devan Cambridge, Wendell Green Jr., Walker Kessler, K.D. Johnson and Jabari Smith have played together for 98 possessions and have a net rating of 42.7. Per 100 possessions they are scoring 123.03 points compared to allowing only 80.33 points per 100 possessions. Delving into how they play we can understand this huge net rating.

By looking at the Four Factors of this lineup it is evident that this team this team is good at forcing opponents to turn the ball over at 22.2%. A surprising number is that the team is a net negative when looking at their free throw rate. They make up for this deficit by shooting a dominant 57% EFG and only allow 38.6% for their opponents.

To better understand the huge EFG% it is important to see where the team is getting their shots from which location. This lineup for Auburn converts 58% from their shots at the rim with a 19.1% net difference compared to their opponents, if you're an opponent this is a tough obstacle to overcome. There is also a huge gap between 3pt% shooting as well.

Using Pivot Analysis Lineup Explorer there are multiple ways to analyze how combinations of players perform together. If you'd like to get more information on how you can get access to these tools subscribe here and get in depth analysis on your favorite team.


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