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Finding the best fit for you in the transfer portal

Men’s and Women’s Division 1 teams face a number of unprecedented challenges in 2021, one of which is the ever growing transfer portal. As of 2021, Division 1 teams can expect more or less 1,000 players available in each of the portals and every team / player is left with a number of decisions. Evaluating the “best” player is an important task and obviously can yield positive results, but the fit, AKA the how and why, is just as important.

Fit, both from the player’s perspective as well as the team’s, is a crucial aspect of the modern college basketball. A high volume three point sniper who plays excellent on ball defense may be a great fit on most rosters, but this is not a foregone conclusion. Analyzing the type of offense, the level of shot creation, the pace of a team, the level of competition, the expected usage/role of a player, all are important elements to consider. Because fit and maximization is important for the player as well as for the team. As the volume and frequency of transfers continues to increase, the need to find a role that fits the player as well as the team is growing more important.

OnOff Offensive / Defensive / Net Rating Metrics

This analysis needs to start internally – “What did we lose, What do we need” and then move to the available transfers – “Does this player fill a gap for us?, Is this a role that the player is willing to step into?” Additionally, the analysis needs to be as close to apples to apples as possible. Comparing per game stats may provide an idea on that player but misses pace / offensive & defensive efficiency / role / and much more.