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Case Study: Nick Calathes, FC Barcelona Shot Profile

We’re going to take a look at how an offense is affected by a single player’s presence on the court compared to when he’s off it. Using Nick Calathes of FC Barcelona in this year’s Euroleague we focus on his impact on the shot profile of the team. This year he is currently averaging 7 points per game, while not a huge scorer, Nick’s impact can be seen on his 7 assists per game. When we delve deeper into the advanced stats we can see how much of an impact he has on the team’s offense that is not as evident from just his 7 ppg and 7 apg.

Nick Calathes On Court Team Shot Profile

Nick Calathes Off Court Team Shot Profile

The first thing that really stands out is how much better FC Barcelona shoots when Calathes is on the court. There is an increase of 10% in FG% at the rim, 16% on mid-range shots and 8.3% from 3 point shots. This increased efficiency from the team when Calathes is on the court is a testament to his importance to the offense. Essentially when accounting for all shots taken by FC Barcelona when Calathes is on the court they will have an expected 1.29 points per shot. This is a huge difference from the 1.06 points per shot when he sits. While he is not a prolific scorer his passing ability helps the team as a whole on the offense when we look deeper than just the usual points per game and assists per game of an individual player.

Nick Calathes On/Off Court Ratings

When we look at the Offensive and Defensive Rating of the team when Calathes is on the court we can see that the team is scoring 127.24 points per 100 possessions which is an elite number. Compared to the 110.16 points per 100 possessions that is a 17.08 net rating on offense that is one of the best on the team.

Nick Calathes On Court Four Factors Offense

Looking deeper than just the points scored by lineups when on the court we can also see his impact on different offensive statistics to see how he is affecting the game. We've noted the increase in Effective Field Goal percentage when we looked at the shooting percentage by location but we can also see the decrease in Turnover percentage and increases in Free Throw Rate as well.

Overall the value of Calathes to the team can be seen more than just by his individual statistics and they show how much better the team performs on offense when he's playing. Using these advanced statistics from Pivot Analysis we can find underrated statistical insights to better understand and affect the game of basketball.


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