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Beyond the Box Score - Using Analytics to Understand Team and Player Impact

Tracking individual stats and box scores has been a standard method of basketball analysis across most organized levels of play. However, that doesn't provide the whole picture. As basketball analytical methods and technology have developed, so has the use of more of advanced statistical metrics. The tracking of lineup performance and on court player impact are the clearest examples of this.

Basketball Play by Play
Standard Basketball Play by Play Example

Today, a coach or player or parent can easily track a single player's on-court/off-court offensive ratings, total plus/minus by 5 player lineups, and the opponent effective field goal % and defensive rating when the starting center and point guard are on the floor. While this may previously have been reserved for the top professional leagues, these advanced statistics can now be generated for any game that has a box score and a play-by-play and serve as a powerful tool for coaching and player development.