MIT Sloan

Sports Analytics Conference

MARCH 6 - 7, 2020 | BOSTON, MA

Startup Trade Show and Competition

Pivot Analysis is a basketball technology and data company bringing professional level performance review to all levels of play. Our mission is to democratize analytics in the basketball world.

Our revolutionary collection system enables custom data services covering player and prospect analysis as well as league-specific matchup analytics. The intuitive set of tools allows coaches, players, fans and journalists to discern deeper insights from raw data without the expertise of a data analyst or the need for manual data entry.

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July 2019

Pivot Analysis data architecture and analysis application launches


Pivot Analysis users


Hours spent by users reviewing analytics in the platform


Games from which data is collected and tracked within Pivot Analysis


Tracked play-by-play events

“Play by play-derived insights are the vanguard of CBB analytics, and no one is pushing into this frontier more aggressively than the folks at Pivot.”

-Logan Dahms, VMI Assistant Coach

"It's impossible to think about athletes in isolation in basketball, and the tools on Pivot Analysis do the best job of addressing that fact." 

-Sabreena Merchant, Writer for The Athletic & Sports Illustrated


Pivot Analysis has also been featured in NBA Draft analysis for the following media outlets


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