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The Transfer Enigma




Pivot Analysis - NCAA Solutions

Identify Needs

Identify what your team needs and use this to focus on specific stats that can help to maximize the value of an inbound transfer.

Generate Options


Find the players that score the highest in the identified categories or compare players that you are interested in by these metrics. 

Improve Performance

By accurately gauging your needs and current player's strengths, you will be able to optimize and sort the incoming transfers, from starting PGs to the 10 player off the bench.

Find the right players

Forget tracking stats manually. Pivot Analysis basketball analysis software automatically collects and combines box scores, player and team stats throughout the season so you can spend time on the important stuff - developing your players.

baskeball anaysis software

From best available to best fit

Access performance analysis at your fingertips through Pivot’s dashboard. Stats are immediately analyzed and displayed in intuitive visualizations so you can track relevant metrics and make data-based decisions to optimize your inputs.


Get started with basketball analysis software. 

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