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Transfer Portal


Pivot Analysis tracks all Division I transfers and provides an easy to use tool to find, compare, and rank your prospective players across dozens of metrics

Available for all D1 teams
Player Development

Using our tools, coaches can track and analyze team and player performance over time. From a single game to multiple seasons, the Pivot tools can be used to growth using a variety of metrics

Available for all teams

NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men’s and Women's Basketball  for the 2021-2022 season. To confirm approval, NCAA compliance officers and coaches may find this service on the NCAA list of approvals linked here.

Maximizing fit in the transfer portal

Pivot Analysis is opening their comprehensive player analytics database to CBB coaches in the search for transferring players. We track individual and on-court metrics, >200 in all, with the goal of ensuring that each team can maximize their use of the CBB transfer portal. By tracking every stat in a per minute/per possession/per game basis and monitoring overall team performance, we can provide the best tools for finding the best fit from a best player available scenario to identifying that diamond in the rough.


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Maximizing your lineups

Across all divisions in the CBB, Pivot Analysis has worked to provide value to head coaches. We offer a number of easy to digest reports and tools for a coach to monitor overall team performance, lineup performance, single player on-off metrics, and two player combinations. By combining these reports with the intuition of the coach and film, we can help improve lineup rotations and maximize each player's impact!

Sample Reports


All advanced stats at your fingertips.

Maximizing your players

  • Development in basketball can happen in variety of ways and is rarely linear. We want to help coaches understand these paths by tracking dozens of stats and analyzing every event and lineup from every game.

  • From shooting accuracy to rim protection and from boxing out to jumping passing lanes, we can help identify the right stats and let coaches focus on the players.


The Primary Metrics

Offensive and Defensive Ratings / Net Rating

Four Factors (Offense and Defense)

Shooting Efficiency (EFG%)

Drawing Fouls (FTR)

Protecting the Ball (TOV%)

Crashing the Boards (ORR)

Shot Profile (Offense and Defense)

At the rim attempt rate

At the rim attempt shooting percentage

Mid range attempt rate

Mid range attempt shooting percentage

Three point attempt rate

Three point attempt shooting percentage

  • No installation/download fees; no additional hardware or wearable devices

  • Phone/Tablet/Computer support through any web browser

  • All data is sourced from public stats websites; all stats based on industry standards

  • Instant plug and play for all your data using our custom visualizations.

Save Time and Money

  • Review stats by filters such as a single game, all games against a single opponent, season, or by conference and easily identify how each player contributes to a team's performance.

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